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Seabed Excavation

Provision of innovative electric controlled flow excavation (E-CFE®) services to the offshore energy industries

As a dedicated and independent provider of E-CFE® services to the offshore energy industries, our passion for operational excellence is backed up by our proven engineering expertise. 

Today, our advanced range of HYDROMOLES represents a step change in subsea excavation and trenching technology – helping to support the global energy sector’s transition from fossil-based to renewable sources. 

Subsea applications include:

  • Pipeline and cable trenching (including live assets)
  • Backfilling of existing trenches
  • Freespan rectification of existing assets
  • Sandwave remediation
  • Seabed preparation
  • Shallow water / shore approach excavations
  • De-burial excavations for Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR)
  • Rock dump dispersal
  • Decommissioning & salvage excavation
  • Harbour clearances / channel deepening
Seabed Excavation Hydromole E CFE tool 2
Seabed Excavation Hydromole E CFE tool 3
Post Lay Freepan Rectification
Key Differentaitors Health Saftey
Seabed Excavation Hydromole E CFE tool 6

Our Technology


The world's only all-electric CFE service provider.

Advanced hydrodynamics optimises and maximises excavation performance, at all water depths

  • Significantly increasing health, safety and environmental performance
  • De-risking client operations through more reliable and efficient technology
  • Providing a platform for the future of remotely operated subsea intervention equipment and services


The most disruptive technology in the CFE market.

Collaborative approach to new technology development – a move to E-CFE®

  • Open learning culture between partners
  • The most experienced pool base of E-CFE® personnel resources on and offshore
  • A family of offshore service providers brought together to offer proven engineering, commercial and operational expertise


A green CFE revolution driven by industry pioneers.

Supporting the energy transition with sustainable E-CFE® solutions

  • We have taken radical steps to reduce the CO2 footprint of our offshore operations
  • Next generation thinking – looking to the future



HYDROMOLE allows intervention for multiple seabed applications and soil conditions and is operable at significant water depths without reduction in performance thanks to an all-electric system architecture. 

With a 400kW all-electric twin tool arrangement, HYDROMOLE provides a step change in performance, efficiency, and versatility in both shallow water and deep-water (1.5 to 2,500m) excavation and trenching applications.

Technology Differentiators

  • Major reduction in CO2 emissions
  • No risk to the marine environment from high pressure hydraulic oil spills
  • Negligible noise pollution when electric power unit is operational
  • Significantly increased vessel back deck safety during operations
  • Optimised system performance with surface and subsea diagnosis and datalogging
  • Dramatic increase in project operation uptime and reliability
  • One lightweight umbilical for all system power, controls & survey packages
  • Full power available at the E-CFE®, regardless of water depth

Operating Parameters

  • Water depth operability – 1.5m to 2,500m
  • Maximum flow volume – 6,000 L/s
  • Maximum flow velocity – 12m/s at 3m from nozzle outlet
  • Pressure at nozzle outlet – 7.5psi (at full flow)
  • Cuts soils up to 50kPa @ 3m as standard, and 200kPa+ with high pressure jetting
  • Suitable for variable seabed conditions from sand, clays, silt, gravel and rock dump

System Specifications

Asset Dimensions (approx) Weight (approx)
E-CFE® Subsea Tool 5.9m x 2.4m x 2.4m <12,000kg
Control Kiosk inc. Transformer 16’ Container 12,000kg
Power Container 20’ High Cube Container 16,000kg
Workshop & Spares Container 20’ Container 13,000kg
Overboard Sheave 2.9m x 1.0m x 1.2m 1,500kg
Electric Umbilical Winch 3.0m x 2.8m x 2.6m 6,000kg
Electric Tugger Winch 1.4m x 1.5m x 1.5m 2,500kg (each)


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