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About us

Offering a range of specialist topside, marine and subsea services to the offshore renewable energy sector.

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Meet us

OEG Renewables is your trusted partner for critical niche add-value services tailored to address offshore wind energy challenges. We partner with you to offer a wide range of topside, marine and subsea solutions to meet the specific needs of your wind farm development, construction, and operations. Bringing the future of energy to life every day.

We are part of the OEG Group, a strategic energy player since 1973, offering valuable niche services and solutions for the energy transition. Our experience in offshore operations gives us the knowledge necessary to lead today's renewable endeavours with understanding, confidence, and determination.

The energy transition is the transformation of our lifetime. A commitment to do better. A pledge toward the future and a role we must all own. We’ll always pursue the horizon, resolute in our responsibility to innovate and move this sector forward.

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Our purpose

OEG Renewables is here to progress our industry, because protecting tomorrow is a requirement of today. Progress occupies our hearts and minds, setting our objectives with immense focus and innovative dedication. Our clients have challenging, yet inspiring goals that will undoubtedly change our world. They’ll change the way we obtain, store, and use the energy we need to power our future. We’re here to facilitate that endeavour – with the right people, the right services, at the right time.

A dedication to renewable energy takes a sense of purpose – driven by our care for the next generation. We are motivated by our unwavering commitment to help maintain a secure, affordable, and sustainable supply of global energy for our daily lives. Our ambition is to provide the right solutions to secure a better future for us all through renewable energy.

Together, we forge the path to a brighter, safer, and sustainable tomorrow.

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Our offering

We have experience working on 97% of global wind farm developments and understand the technological challenges of scaling up offshore wind. We apply this experience to work collectively with our clients towards the future we champion together, delivering solutions of the highest calibre. Our expertise drives efficiencies and efficiencies deliver us all a stronger, more sustainable tomorrow.

From development to construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms, our knowledge and competence allows us the specialisation in highly niche, renewable, and critical services to meet your most nuanced and detailed needs.

At OEG Renewables, the industry's top services businesses come together to share expertise under one roof. This empowers us to provide a comprehensive service that seamlessly integrates the most specialised solutions for wind farms, thereby reducing complexity and risks. We offer single or multiple services supported by OEG, a substantial business in offshore energy with a robust financial foundation.

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Our approach

We are driven by a growth-focused, entrepreneurial spirit to solve the most critical challenges in the offshore wind industry. Always adhering to the highest standards in safety and quality to deliver the best possible on-time service.

We understand that the journey ahead will be challenging, but it’s a path we are destined to traverse with the right experienced people devoted to the mission.

Our passionate, dedicated talent listens, advises, and finds customised solutions to continue growing your offshore renewable business. We are equipped with the knowledge and the latest tools, tech and solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable.

OEG Renewables Management Team

Team List

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OEG Group Eric Briar

Eric Briar

Managing Director

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OEG Group Melanie Bruce

Melanie Bruce

Finance Director

OEG Group Ian Coates

Ian Coates

Topside Director

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OEG Group Leif Cooper

Leif Cooper

Marine Director

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OEG Group Chris Dolan

Chris Dolan

Subsea Director

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OEG Group Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton

Development Director

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OEG Group Toby Mead

Toby Mead

Operations Director

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OEG Group Bernhard Messer

Bernhard Messer

Europe Director

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OEG Group Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu (Kuo-Lun)

Regional Director - APAC 亞太區域總監

Progressing your business towards the energy of tomorrow.


Committed to providing the highest quality services to help our clients succeed in the renewable energy sector.