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To us, success looks like our clients’ growth – the growth of your business, ambitions, and progress toward sustainability efforts.

Sustainability lies at the heart of OEG Renewables, defining both our identity and offerings. In response to the evolving needs of the energy sector, we consistently refine our services, always with a focus on a cleaner, more affordable, and secure horizon for everyone—institutions, companies, and, of course, individuals.

Our portfolio comprises specialised solutions crafted to make your sustainable growth objectives possible.

Our business model for a better energy

At the core of our business model are ESG principles, anchoring our commitment to sustainability. Our forward-looking agenda not only concentrates on reducing our environmental footprint through decarbonisation but also strives to amplify our positive impact by investing in renewables. This strategic approach closely harmonises with the evolving strategies of stakeholders throughout the entire offshore energy value chain.

In the current landscape, the energy market is propelled by three key themes that profoundly influence global policy discussions and our own actions as a company:

  • Security

    Ensuring the stability and reliability of energy provisions.

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  • Affordability

    Minimising energy costs for consumers.

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  • Sustainability

    Advocating the transition to cleaner, decarbonised energy sources.

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Understanding these three fundamental elements is vital as they shape the strategies adopted by energy producers and influence their investment decisions. This fuels our collaboration with clients and partners, ensuring that our offerings not only align with but play a significant role in shaping the future of global energy.

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Forging the path to future energy

At OEG Renewables, we uphold an unwavering commitment to occupational and process safety, and emissions management. And, beyond these constants, we actively address specific issues throughout our value chain.

Our ingrained culture of close collaboration among our diverse businesses serves as a catalyst for sustainable innovation across all our operations. It drives a relentless pursuit of improvement, and we are dedicated to sharing the knowledge gained from this journey with our clients. Together, we seek to contribute to the growth of your business, while cultivating the rise of new energy solutions.

To support a responsible energy transition, we focus on five key areas in terms of environmental sustainability. This enables us to continue progressing toward positive impact from the inside out.


Through the decarbonisation of our operational footprint, we aim to minimise our emissions impact on your supply chain, aspiring to play a significant role in advancing the energy transition.


Our approach to solutions has fostered the growth of a devoted client base, encompassing blue-chip operators as well as those seeking solutions that align with their unique sustainability aspirations.


Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. Our daily commitment revolves around prioritising the safety of our team and clients, mitigating the environmental footprint of our operations, and delivering industry-leading solutions to your business.


With a workforce of around 430 people, each possessing diverse competencies and capabilities, we empower them with the skills and resources needed to execute their roles safely and efficiently within the highly regulated offshore energy sector.

Supply Chain Integrity

We recognise that nurturing a robust and dynamic supplier network is key in our long-term prosperity, relying on their expertise and skill to adapt to our clients' evolving requirements. Our commitment extends to collaborating with our suppliers to establish more efficient, secure, and sustainable supply chains, adhering to the guiding principles in our Code of Conduct.

For more information on our sustainability performance, please contact OEG Renewables.

Maximising our performance in quality and sustainability standards

International ESG Standards

The information incorporated into our sustainability disclosures is the result of our ongoing dialogue with both internal and external stakeholders. Shaped by the reporting frameworks of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), this represents a collaborative effort to transparently convey our sustainability journey.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Our company stands as the steward of federal government and risk management domains, where the foundation of our operations lies in unwavering quality assurance. Our commitment is fortified by ISO 9001:2015 certified management systems.

Our vision

At OEG, as the parent company, we aim to continue contributing to the energy transition through our business vision and the specific operations of our companies: OEG Renewables and OEG Offshore. Because protecting what is important for you today will enable us to create a stronger and cleaner tomorrow, together.

The following report sets out OEG Energy Group’s sustainable operating approach and discloses our performance in line with our core focus areas of social and environmental impact.

Sustainability report

For more information on our sustainability performance, please see our published Sustainability Report 2022.

Sustainability Report 2022 →

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Tomorrow's energy relies on our commitment today


Committed to providing the highest quality services to help our clients succeed in the renewable energy sector.