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Balance of Plant (BoP)

Delivery of above-water Balance of Plant (BoP) solutions to offshore projects; we work with our clients to determine the most appropriate and efficient solutions for their projects.

We deliver turnkey BoP packages of work in support of both the construction phase (snagging/completions/interim works) and O&M phase operations. Our holistic offering is inclusive of project design, management and implementation solutions, providing clients with a robust service that is informed by our comprehensive track record and extensive ongoing activities within this field.

  • Statutory Inspection Service and Maintenance of WTG, WTG Foundation and Onshore/Offshore Substation components
  • Structural Inspection Above Water (SIAW)
  • Ancillary and Remedial Works
  • Installations and Retrofits
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Confined Space Works
  • Rope Access Works
  • PPE, Tooling, and Equipment Management
  • Waste Removal
  • Generator Refuelling
  • QA Walkdowns
  • Vessel Charter
  • Quayside Services
Balance of plant technician
Bop services
Inspection services

Statutory Inspection

Service overview

Providing offshore project solutions across the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. Backed by a management team with extensive experience in the offshore inspection and maintenance sector, our professionals have hands-on and managerial expertise. They lead a dedicated team of specialist technicians employed directly to ensure the delivery of high standards in safety, quality, and consistency across our project portfolio.

Our comprehensive services encompass statutory inspection, service, and maintenance across various items, such as Turbine Mounted Safety Equipment (TMSE), Cranes, Lifts, Fire Fighting Equipment, First Aid Equipment, Rescue Equipment, Hydraulic Equipment, Latchway SRLs, Ladders, Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and more.

Why choose us

Our comprehensive services extend to overseeing the entire inspection and maintenance process, covering everything from the development of risk assessments to crafting procedures and generating detailed reports. With our turnkey solutions, we aim to maximize value for our clients by providing a seamless integration of inspection and maintenance services. Our core team of specialists, equipped with in-depth expertise, ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we have successfully delivered these services across the United Kingdom and Europe, establishing a track record of excellence in the field.


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