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Subsea Cables

Consultation support and installation of subsea telecoms and power cables in offshore subsea environments

We provide a range of expert subsea cable services to clients within the offshore renewables and telecommunications sectors.

Our comprehensive service offering includes everything from pre and post installation diver surveys through to cable route studies and permitting consultancy. 

We work with highly skilled and experienced teams to ensure each project is delivered to our exceptional standards.

Shore end cable installation
Cable installation web

Cable Route Studies

Our Offering

Our cable route studies provide a valuable desk top resource for the planning and route selection of submarine cable systems. They provide an assessment of both natural and manmade hazards and also information on the regulatory and environmental requirements for the cable route.

Information is obtained from a variety of in-house and commercially available databases, academic papers and industry guidelines. Data includes seabed bathymetry, seafloor sediment mapping, meteorology, ocean currents and tides and fishing, shipping and the activities of other seabed users.

As part of the cable route study our consultants undertake site visits to investigate suitable beach landings, location of terrestrial infrastructure and the proximity of existing cable landing stations and facilitates meetings with regulatory, environmental and commercial interests.

Global Permitting Consultancy

Our Offering

We are global experts in marine permitting and provide detailed up to date information on the full range of permits required for a subsea cable project, from Operator’s Licences, Permits in Principle, Environmental requirements through to permits for marine operations.

Our consultants investigate and identify all the necessary permits and notifications to fulfil the requirements of government, military and environmental agencies and other maritime stakeholders.

We have developed a bespoke permit management system for the research, procurement and tracking of permits for the duration of the project lifecycle. The system is GIS based and provides a continually updated matrix utilising a map overview of the cable route, which gives a status report of the permit process for each country based on its established maritime boundary limits.

Marine Cable Installation

Our Offering

We provide a range of nearshore and onshore subsea cable services to clients within the offshore renewables, power transmission and telecommunications sectors.

Our comprehensive service offering includes all aspects of pre and post-installation cable route surveys through to pre-laid grapnel runs (PLGRs), cable protection and burial.

Services include:

  • Cable route survey - Topographic and hydrographic pre-installation
  • PLGR (Pre-Lay Grapnel Run) / Route Clearance (RC)
  • Concrete mattress installation
  • ROV / Diver survey
  • Seabed preparation
  • Shore end cable installation
  • Cable Pull-In Works
  • Pre-lay shore end installation
  • On land & Marine Civil Engineering
  • Specialised equipment and skilled personnel
  • Shallow Water & nearshore trenching operations
  • Rock bag installation, scour protection & mattressing
  • Cable burial