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Project Overview

Formosa 2 (F2) Offshore Wind Project was awarded its capacity in 2018 with Manor Renewable Energy (MRE), an OEG Group company, winning the temporary power contract in May 2022. Adjacent to the Formosa 1 Wind Farm, the Formosa 2 site is 3.8km off Taiwan’s northwest coast, 40nm from the port of Taichung in Wuqi District, Taichung, with the furthest point of the project 9.5km from the shore.

The wind farm covers approximately 69 km2 and consists of 47 Siemens SG 8.0 – 167 DD wind turbines with a capacity of 8 MW each, with total capacity achieving 376 MW.

All 47 wind turbine generators were connected to the grid in March 2023 and in April, F2 generated its full capacity of 376 MW of clean energy, supplying power to approx. 380,000 households per year.

Formosa 2 case study


Prolonged period of difficult weather conditions over the winter months.


MRE was contracted by Formosa 2 to provide the temporary power solution during the construction phase of Formosa 2 Offshore Wind Project. The contract duration was from June 2022 to April 2023.


The contract required MRE to supply 26 generators, commencing in June 2022. The generators are required until the completion of the planned energisation in early 2023.

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Temporary Power Provision Formosa 2 Case Study