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Project Overview

In late 2019, Pegasus Welfare Solutions, an OEG group company, was asked to look at welfare provision for Hornsea One Offshore Wind Farm. The project work scope included the supply of welfare for the full five-year operation and maintenance (O&M) campaign. All units were required to be deployed via the O&M service vessel (SOV) rather than by conventional crew transfer vessel (CTV).

We studied the campaign schedule and advised on the total number of units needed and how best to manage clean-outs and replenishment. The units were assigned to both Orsted and Siemens service teams to transfer. As well as the welfare units, kit bags and equipment were transferred to the asset worked on each day.

The project continues to be a major success and PWS is currently finalising the contracts to supply welfare on future Orsted O&M projects. In August 2020, PWS was 18 months into a five-year contract with zero incidents and a considerable increase in productivity has resulted from using the multi-unit on this project.