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Sea Waves Rocks new

Fern Communications (FernCom), an OEG Group Company, has launched a new real-time weather monitoring system following the successful deployment of the solution on Moray East offshore wind farm.

The system utilises MetOcean sensors, including Radac wave radar units, to detect real-time sea state information including wave direction, height, period and tide; the radar units can be integrated with anemometers to provide wind speed, direction and temperature data, giving an all-encompassing view of the weather conditions offshore at any given time.

Using the real-time data supplied by the radar units and anemometers, Marine Controllers are able to make operational decisions quickly and confidently, allowing for maximized use of weather windows during offshore operations.

FernCom has developed a bespoke software package to display the data collected by the MetOcean sensor system; the customer-based dashboard can be tailored to meet specific client requirements.

In addition to improving operational efficiency on offshore wind farms, FernCom’s MetOcean systems also significantly reduce operational costs and increase safety of personnel in harsh offshore environments.

FernCom’s complete service includes offshore installation and maintenance of the system by GWO qualified engineers to ensure reliable operation and maximum uptime.

Clive Cushion, Technical Director at FernCom said,

“Our MetOcean platform has been a real team effort here at FernCom, from conception and design through to installation. We now have an exceptional MetOcean solution for offshore wind or any other location that needs MetOcean data. Being able to use real time data and make informed decisions only leads to operational efficiency.”

The selection by Moray East of this latest innovation from FernCom demonstrates the progressive approach to operational refinements by the project. It also underlines the endorsement of FernCom as an important supplier of innovation in the operation of offshore wind farms.

FernCom provides an essential, comprehensive solution for the monitoring and analysis of meteorological data and has seen proven results of the efficiency of the MetOcean system since its installation on Moray East Offshore Wind Farm.