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Hughes Subsea, an OEG Group company, secured a contract to deliver daughter-craft diving services for the Anasuria FPSO, positioned 175km east of Aberdeen. Throughout the month-long campaign, the Hughes team provided support for mooring chain change out, executed the installation and removal of sea-chest blanks, and successfully completed a comprehensive inspection program. Complementing these efforts, a dedicated rigging team was also mobilised in support of topside operations.

Anasuria FPSO, positioned 175km east of Aberdeen.

The operational phase also saw Hughes Subsea mobilising the dive intervention craft, Hughes Hunter, and tender vessel, Cardhu, onto the Normand Frontier accompanied by a 45-member project team.

The vessel owners contributed WROV and survey support, while two independent telemetry systems facilitated real-time camera feeds from both the diver and topside team which were distributed around the vessel. As part of a comprehensive communications plan, OEG sister company Fern provided radios to all project vessels and, and a dedicated Starlink feed was installed for optimised information distribution.

In addition to the FPSO scopes, the team, with assistance from the Normand Frontier, successfully deployed anode skids and concrete mattresses.

Bob Kingdom, Senior Project Manager at Hughes Subsea, said, “The Hughes team displayed a “can-do” attitude from start to finish, focusing on professional and efficient delivery. The effective communication and willing collaboration across all vendors made this a great project to be involved in.”

In order to maximise productivity in this project, the Hughes Subsea team conducted all diving operations using nitrox, ensuring maximised bottom times and reducing the number of personnel required to deliver the scope. The project was delivered efficiently, safely, and ahead of schedule.

Graeme Shepherd, Project Manager at Anasuria Operating Company Limited (AOC), said, “Hughes Subsea has played a pivotal role in the recent Mooring Chain Changeout and associated topside and subsea work scopes for AOC, which was in integral part of AOC’s ongoing asset life extension programme aimed at extending the operating life of our FPSO.
Throughout the duration of this project, the level of professionalism and collaborative teamwork exhibited by Hughes Subsea alongside our other partners and teams was nothing short of exceptional which was key to delivering the highly successful campaign.”