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OEG Energy Group Limited (“OEG”, the “Group”), a leading offshore solutions business, is pleased to announce that Specialist Marine Consultants (“SMC”), an OEG Renewables (OEGR) business, has added a new service with the launch of SMC Blades Limited, a maintenance division headed up by a management team with over 25 years’ experience in the market.

The new division will focus on the provision of blade maintenance and repair services to the wind turbine market both on and offshore. With further growth in wind capacity expected in the coming years, there will be an increasing need for turbine blade maintenance to ensure optimum operational effectiveness of wind assets.

SMC Blades Team
Launch of a new wind turbine blade maintenance and repair service division at SMC; the SMC Blades team are pictured at their offices


  • Expanded service offering, with SMC now offering specialist blade maintenance and repair services on and offshore, while leveraging being part of the wider OEG group to support growth into new markets, in addition to exploring opportunities to offer integrated solutions.
  • The new division will be headed up by a management team with a wealth of experience in the sector, with Richard Hughes as Operations Director, and Bryn Roberts as Technical Director. SMC Blades Limited will be headquartered in Chester servicing clients globally.
  • The wind market has a growing role to play in decarbonising global energy supply, and by providing essential services to the operators of on and offshore energy infrastructure, OEG Renewables supports critical market themes of Energy Security and a responsible Energy Transition.
Dean Coates, SMC Managing Director said: “This new service further expands the range of specialist services and the value proposition that OEG Renewables and SMC can offer to our clients globally. As the global wind market continues to expand, underpinned by strong market drivers, this positions our business as a leader in ensuring the future operational effectiveness of wind assets.”
Richard Hughes, SMC Blades Operations Director said: “We look forward to firmly establishing SMC Blades as a market leader, offering our customers a best-in-class service through a combination of business excellence and innovation. We have some exciting developments in the pipeline and announcements to make in the coming weeks.”