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Sea Waves Rocks new

The OEG Offshore group, a leading offshore energy services company, has today announced the launch of its new division OEG Renewables (OEGR).

  • The new division will be called OEG Renewables (OEGR) and will launch at Global Offshore Wind (GOW) in London.
  • Led by Eric Briar, newly appointed Managing Director it will combine specialist services from recently acquired companies Fern Communications, Hughes Subsea, Manor Marine, Manor Renewable Energy (MRE), OPUS Marine, Pegasus Welfare Solutions (PWS), Pelagian, Seajet Systems and Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC).
  • OEGR will concentrate on niche, critical services for the offshore wind sector, and employs approximately 400 personnel currently, which is expected to materially increase to accommodate the growth of the new division.

Launching at this year’s Global Offshore Wind event in London, OEGR consolidates the OEG Offshore group’s extensive portfolio of renewable focused capabilities into a single, integrated solutions provider to the worldwide offshore wind sector.

The management structure will see Eric Briar, formerly CEO of Manor Renewable Energy (MRE) head up OEGR as Managing Director alongside Toby Mead, previously COO at MRE as Operations Director; in addition, a team of experienced service and regional directors will be appointed in the coming weeks to support the global expansion of OEGR’s integrated offering.

"We are thrilled to launch OEG Renewables at GOW, the UK’s premier offshore wind event in London, which integrates together our extensive capabilities in the offshore wind sector," said Eric Briar, Managing Director of OEGR.
“Our goal is to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop solution for their offshore wind needs and with our expertise from each specialist segment, in combination with a large fleet of enabling assets supporting both topside and subsea services; we are confident that we can deliver significant value to our customers across both development and O&M phases for offshore wind farms on a global basis."

OEGR will provide a range of services including project management, engineering, installation, inspection and maintenance of offshore wind farms. The division will also offer a broad equipment offering, including vessels, temporary power, communications, welfare, logistics equipment and facilities from its varied asset fleet.

Toby Mead, Operations Director adds, “To coincide with the launch we’re delighted to report that the OEGR group companies have already successfully collaborated on a number of turnkey integrated projects on several high-profile developments, and we continue to do so, delivering projects across many global sites.”

OEG Renewables will operate globally, with a focus on key offshore wind markets, including UK, Europe, Asia, and North America.

Pictured left to right: Toby Mead, Operations Director and Eric Briar, Managing Director of OEG Renewables