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Manor Vulcan

A BMT designed 27m aluminium catamaran, designed to maximise deck space and cargo carrying capacity

Built by Strategic Marine in Singapore and delivered in Summer 2022, the Victor and Vulcan are BMT designed 27m aluminium catamarans; the design maximises deck space and cargo carrying capacity. 

“The vessel engine and propulsion design for the ‘Manor Victor’ and ‘Manor Vulcan’ is such that they can be made Hybrid compliant if a client requests it.” 

- Michael James, General Manager - Fleet 

  • Active fender system to reduce impact loading
  • Rapid refuelling system for temporary power generators
  • Fuel recovery and filtering from offshore locations
  • Large foredeck, 2x 10ft container lashing points
  • 35,000 litre fuel capacity for increased endurance offshore
  • Cruising speed of 24 knots for reduced transit time to the windfarm
  • Safe transfers in 2m Hs
  • Large passenger cabin with 24 seats and ample storage space for kit
Manor vulcan vessel


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